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ProtoWorks space at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

The Makerspace Movement is playing a critical role in upgrading the education system to the modern age.  Instead of just learning from a textbook or lecture, students are able to problem solve and put their ideas into action in the physical world.  These spaces fit with concepts like Active Learning and Project Based Learning that have become popular for more modern schools.

Pioneers of the Makerspace Movement suggest that students just need the space and time to let their creativity flourish.  Students are able to create their own products or ideas through physical prototyping that can then be shared and improved upon.

What is a Maker Space?

A maker space is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.  It’s much more than just a physical space with tools and machines, though.  A maker space builds and supports community, and accelerates learning via experimentation, making the culture and practices just as important as the machines within the walls.

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