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June 2017

These 8 Questions Will Test if You Have the Mindset to be an Entrepreneur

This article by Founder Laurie Stach first appeared on I have come to realize that the key differentiator between a successful startup and an unsuccessful one is mindset. This isn’t to say all entrepreneurs must think exactly alike (we... Continue Reading →

Calling All Teenage Girls and POCs! Here’s Why You Should Pursue Your Passion for STEM

This article is by Wendy Ho, incoming freshman at Princeton University and marketing intern at MIT Launch. Never have I felt more behind than when I first started learning how to code. When I went to hackathons or coding competitions... Continue Reading →

3 Top Tips to Help You Win a Business Pitch Competition as a High Schooler

This article was written by Vinaik Gautam, cofounder of Chargo and MIT Launch alum. I cannot believe that it has almost been one year since I attended Launch. The program has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences... Continue Reading →

North Peace Student off to Prestigious MIT Launch

This article originally appeared on Alaska Highway News. What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question few high school students have the answer to. But North Peace Secondary Student Jessica Telizyn knows exactly what she... Continue Reading →

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