You need not let the price of the program deter you from applying!  The goal of Launch is to inspire young entrepreneurs, regardless of their personal or family situations.  We have covered this topic before for summer 2015 and 2016, but given our record number of scholarship applicants and statistics, we wanted to give a bit more information. For summer 2017:

  • 127 application fees waived
  • More than 25% of admitted students received financial need scholarships 
  • With an average of >$5,000 awarded towards program fees

It’s important to stress that the admissions process of Launch is need blind. Indicating on your application that you require financial assistance will in no way impact your acceptance outcome.  It will only make it easier for the Launch team to provide you the proper information upon admission.  You are not asked to submit a full financial-need application until after you are accepted. Financial assistance packages are provided on a case-by-case basis and vary depending on the student’s individual situations. Assistance is offered to both international and domestic students.

How do applicants get the application fee waived?

Fee waivers are available for students who provide evidence of need.  For many students in this category, providing evidence of being on a free or reduced lunch program at your school is sufficient.  If your school does not have such a program, and submission that shows your family financial status in a similar manner will work.

How much scholarship can our family expect to receive?

As in the past, we have compiled the financial scholarship offers of our 2017 financial need applicants to provide average figures,

PLEASE NOTE: while the below provides some average amounts based on family incomes, this is for informational purposes only, and is not an indication or promise of the amount that your family may receive.  Each package is determined individually, where actual amounts vary based on the specifics of a family financial situations, factoring many more criteria than just income, such as family size, core costs, geography, and much more.

Admitted Student Family Income (1) Average Student Expense (2) Average Scholarship (3) Average Price Family Pays (4)
0-25k $6,095 $5,895 $200
25-50k $6,095 $5,684 $411
50-75k $6,095 $3,911 $2,184
75-100k $6,095 $1,375 $4,720
100-150k $6,095 $333 $5,762
150k+ $6,095 $0 $6,095
  1. Family income includes all sources of income, including untaxed income and excluding losses.
  2. Average student expense is the program fee of for the summer 2017 program, not including travel to and from the program.
  3. Average scholarship provided by Launch.
  4. Average price families pay is calculated by subtracting average scholarships from the program fee.


We strongly encourage you to apply to Launch, regardless of your financial situation, and we look forward to receiving your application for summer 2018!