I remember finding out about Launch two hours before the application deadline was due. The minute I opened the Launch website, there was a picture that gave me goosebumps. In the picture high school students were studying in an MIT classroom and it said “This could be you.”  I was so excited and nervous, I was barely able to type. I spent the next few weeks searching Launch alumni companies and seeing who worked on them, and after a comprehensive research, I knew I was going to receive a rejection letter. But a couple weeks after applying, I got my acceptance letter from Launch.

July 7th is the most special date I will ever remember because it was the day I arrived at the MIT dorms. I met 69 of the most amazing teenagers on the planet. Everyone talked about their startups, what their home towns were like, etc.. I knew then that the following month was going to be extraordinary.

The very same day, Launch organized a welcome dinner for us at the MIT Media Lab. Ms. Laurie talked about all the amazing kids we had sitting among us and told us that Launch was going to be tough. In the following month I realized she was right, Launch was by far the toughest thing I have ever done, but I will be talking more about that later.

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