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November 2016

Launch Stories: Isha Mayor, Massachusetts



My experience at Launch was quite unique and I loved it. I associate Launch with my experiences from interacting with the people I had the opportunity to meet. My favorite part was listening to incredible speakers during lessons and entrepreneur panels. We were able to learn from some of the most incredible people including MIT and Harvard professors, mentors, and student entrepreneurs. I learned so many important lessons during my time at Launch but I’ve highlighted a few below.

You can do it! If you have the passion, the strategy, and the right people to make something happen, you can. The student speakers in particular made me realize that I have the potential to be where they are. Many of them started a company to solve a problem they had. For example, Kale Rogers, a student athlete at MIT who talked to us during an Entrepreneur panel, made a robot with his teammates to get healthy food quickly, and they made it into a company. Check out his company, Spyce, here:

Start talking. GOOD networking is key. How do you approach someone who inspires you? How do you ask them for a favor? Most importantly, how do you present yourself so that they remember you in a good way if you ever talk to them again? Mere connections are one thing, but meaningful connections are another. I learned that the speakers that came in wanted to be inspiring and recognized that we are the next generation of entrepreneurs, so they liked it when we showed interest and talked to them. Just from talking to a speaker for a minute after their presentation and following up in an email about my interests, I was able to land an internship in a startup from MIT. Bottom line: talk to people, leave a good impression, and follow up.

Seek out mentors. A good mentor can go a long way. I am very thankful to Launch for being able to talk to my residential counselor every night during check-in about what was going on. Launch helped me learn about myself, how I work with people, and how I handle stress, and it was helpful to be able to talk to my counselor about those areas. Sometimes we would have two hour long check-ins at night, eating ice cream and bonding; other times we would go out to breakfast for four hours and get into deep conversations. The counselor group experience was invaluable, and I continue to talk to my counselor post-Launch.

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Financial Need Scholarships for 2017

Every year we get so many great questions about the Launch program. While many of these questions can be answered here, we’d like to take a moment to address one important topic- financial assistance. We have covered this topic before, but we have some updated information that will give applicants a better idea about our financial assistance process. In 2016, more than 25% of students received financial need scholarships and we’re excited to continue offering scholarships for the 2017 sessions!

It’s important to stress that Launch is need blind. Indicating on your application that you require financial assistance will in no way impact your acceptance outcome. Furthermore, you won’t be asked to submit proof of financial need until after you are accepted to Launch. Financial assistance packages are provided on a case-by-case basis and vary depending on the student’s individual situations. Assistance is offered to both international and domestic students. 

But what about the application fee?

The application does require a fee but do not let this deter you! Fee waivers are available for students who provide evidence of need. The goal of Launch is to inspire young entrepreneurs, regardless of their personal or family situations.

As in the past, we have compiled information the financial scholarship offers of our previous financial need applicants to provide average figures, though please note that each package is made individually, so they vary based on additional factors of the admitted student and family circumstance.  


We strongly encourage you to apply to MIT Launch Summer, regardless of your financial situation, and we look forward to reviewing your application!

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