When I first applied to Launch, I vaguely understood that I would be learning about creating a company. Surely, I would learn the ins and outs of marketing, public speaking, and working effectively with a team. Launch, however, offers so much more. While Launch did help me develop these skills, Launch’s wide array of resources drastically expanded my technical skill set in a way I had not perceived possible. In less than four weeks, my team was able to make a fully functional hardware prototype and compatible iOS application. Equipped with cutting-edge hardware prototyping technology and inspirational mentors, students truly do have the power to launch their vision into reality.


Aakanksha was a part of team Ecomyst, developing a technology that syncs consumers’ sprinkler systems to their phones. By integrating local databases concerning external factors such as temperature, wind pressure, and humidity, the users’ mobiles manages sprinkler output to optimize plant health and water usage. This technology has the potential to annually save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and can significantly cut water bills.