In addition to classes and team activities, students at Launch also get the chance to meet and learn from other young entrepreneurs. This week, MIT Launch was honored to have 5 entrepreneurs from MIT’s Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator (GFSA) come to the class to speak on their experiences of the early stages of founding their companies. The MIT Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator is MIT’s student venture accelerator which takes the best teams with an interesting idea or proof of concept focused on creating impactful, innovation-driven startups. Out of hundreds of applications, only 14 teams are selected each summer to participate in GFSA, and they spend 3 months building the right product and securing initial customers/partners.

A Closer Look At The Speakers:


Gavin Cotter from R&R:
R&R is creating a new controller for consumer drones that allows the operator to simultaneously control the drone, and the video camera, all in one easy to understand, and intuitive to use controller. Their target market is the burgeoning prosumer videographer market that cares more about the art and videography than the novelty of flying drones.

Kale Michael

Kale Rogers and Michael Farid from Spyce:
Spyce is creating an automated robotic chef that can cook food like stir fry on demand, at a tiny 4×4 kiosk. By removing the cost of space, overhead and labor related with quick service foods, they can use fresher, healthier ingredients while creating meals at the same cost as McDonalds.


Alessandro Babini and Daniel Wiese from Strive:
Strive is creating the first Human Power Meter. This wearable sensor non-invasively measures lactic acid and muscle oxygenation in real time, empowering endurance athletes with data they need to help them achieve the maximum possible performance from their body without ever exceeding their limits.

The Launchie Perspective:
What do the students (Launchies) think about the GFSA speakers?




Thank you Gavin, Michael, Kale, Daniel and Alessandro for your great advice and for sharing your stories!