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March 2014

Launch Weekends – Success!

The first Launch Weekends event was held at MIT on March 22 with great success – students learned why high school students are at an ideal age to start companies, learned valuable tools to focus their startups, and practiced the creative process of coming up with ideas, filtering them based on what investors look for, and pitched their ideas.

The impact – students reported an increased confidence in both their skill set and mindset required to start a company, and believe more strongly that they will start a company sooner.  We can’t wait to see your ideas come to life!

The next Launch Weekends event will be held at Northwestern in Chicago –



Launch Weekends

Launch is proud to announce that we are now promoting entrepreneurship for high school students through weekend crash courses – Launch Weekends.  Check out the website to learn more and sign up for our upcoming weekend in Boston on March 22.

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