Classes here at Launch are all good and fun, but every now and then we like to shake it up just to keep things interesting.

Enter: BollyX. Started by some Harvard, MIT and Cal grads, BollyX combines the energy and fun of Bollywood choreography with an intense cardio workout into exciting fitness classes that are now offered around the country.

Of course, this was more than just a fun opportunity for exercise and a little student bonding. This week’s lessons are all about finding the right team and then coming up with a great business idea. At Launch, we believe that a great business idea comes from a combination of Passion, Skills and Market Opportunity. Our students also got to hear from BollyX’s cofounders about how they came up with their business idea and how BollyX combines all three of these things.

  • Passion: All three of the cofounders loved and had practiced Bollywood dance and other forms of dance for years.
  • Skills: Two of the cofounders had previous experience with dance groups and teaching others to dance. One cofounder was even a part of a dance group that made it to the semifinals of “America’s Got Talent!”. In addition, all three cofounders had a mix of business skills from previous business school and work experiences.
  • Market Opportunity: There’s been a huge surge in new exercise trends recently – Crossfit, SoulCycle/FlyWheel, barre classes, Zumba, etc. BollyX fits nicely into this new crop of businesses finding interesting and innovative ways to get people excited to stay fit!

Anyways, we think BollyX got our students’ hearts pumping and their creative juices running… just in time to choose their business ideas! Special thanks to Minal, Mayuri and Shahil for taking time out of their busy schedules to inspire our students!